Monday, July 23, 2012

taking shape...

o did major work on the upstairs of our house this weekend...and the painter arrives tomorrow to do the two bedrooms.  that is going to feel like major progress, even though there is still no toilet, shower, sink, or flooring up there.  i made some progress on my list.  i worked all weekend doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and crafting a gift for a new little one.  and after hours at young's furniture, where i found what i love, i'm experiencing sticker shock over the cost of a simple couch, two chairs, and two ottomans.  this is one of those things in life that i didn't understand the cost of.  therefore, i couldn't do it, so that didn't get checked off my list.  but i am going to continue the hunt this week.

anyways, back to the progress on the second floor...i've been brainstorming about the closet nook that we are going to make.  there is a big huge with two sets of doors, i'm thinking the left side will just be a little nest with pillows and books and space to be cozy.  then i found the beanbags seen above that look like stones and i got all dreamy.

you see...the room is painted a half shade of the yolo color called water (sort of greeny grayish).  the dresser i found at brimfield is going to be repainted and this weekend i found the guy who is going to make the drawer pulls out of stones from the workshop beach.  sort of like this, but with stones with lines that we brought back from the beach...
it's going to be simple up there...whites, greys, and greeny gray...and i can't wait to see it come together.  my friend tracy is a sewing wizard and she's offered to help make some things.  my mind is spinning with ideas.

things are slowly, but surely taking shape!  including me...this baby is growing a lot and last night was moving more than ever.

photos 1 and 2

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  1. OH you are in full nesting mode! Love it.


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