Monday, July 9, 2012

paris (part one)...

we are back from a wonderful time in paris.  i feel like i was there for a while and oh how sweet it was to be joined at the end by o.  we cruised around on boat, foot, and metro...we covered some ground.  a pregnant lady on the move.
we went to museums and churches, sat in parks and cafes, and went on boat rides and on walkabouts.  we did some typical paris things...
we smiled and laughed a lot...
oh and we ate. i must have consumed a baguette a day.  and o was a jet lag trooper with little and big coffees along the way...
it was nice to be away and it was nice to be home together yesterday.  we learned new things about each other and were reminded why we choose to spend our life together.  it was a great trip and a special get away.


  1. Love love love this post. Can't wait to hear more on the 17th.

  2. "Ogly"...I love it!! I love you guys!

  3. also love the "ogly." in puerto rico this winter, i had a sbux cup that read "yuris."


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