Friday, July 20, 2012

no rides for the pregnant lady...

last night we had some friends over for dinner and then we went to locals night at the yarmouth clam festival. $20 all you can ride.
i'm not a ride person, especially when i along with some friends watched as o and courtney hit the rides.
they spun, and twisted, and flew around.  i was dizzy just watching!  but smiling as their faces flew by each time.
ahhh but no rides for the pregnant lady, especially this crazy ride...
i'm so glad that our children will have a dad who is ready to hop on whatever ride comes into town with the carnival (scary!).

this weekend i'm headed to the parade with christina and amelia, working on house stuff, trying to create more room in what feels like an ever shrinking (and rapidly expanding) torso, playing board games, registering for baby items, and hopefully buying our couch!  what about you?

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