Monday, July 30, 2012

common things...

this weekend was filled with great things, common things, that made for a very happy few days.  friday evening it was a big living room filled with friends and a skeptical two year old.  saturday morning it was a slow run on little john with hobbes.  over the rest of the day and night on saturday it was seeing o's happiness at inheriting russ' old nyc cruiser, blankets on a lawn for a potluck picnic, connecting with other mamas or soon-to-be mamas, parking it right in front of a big bowl of guacamole, sitting for the ingrid michelson concert (it was so beautiful), the cup of ice that i had to put between my knees to stay cool in the warm theater, the perfect rain when we got outside of the show, and late night pizza at otto's.  sunday it was running into a dog that we haven't seen in months that hobbes loves to play with on our walk, overpriced fresh orange juice that was worth every penny, a lazy morning on the couch watching the olympics, hours of napping as the rain came, and a low-key dinner with friends.

henry ward beecher you had it is about finding happiness in the common, in the everyday.

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