Thursday, June 7, 2012

rainy day brunch...

during the rainy weekend i had a friend and sweet little dog over for a walk and then brunch.  we let the dogs get their energy out and then came home to replenish ours.  i got fresh bagels from rosemont and made the veggie and cream cheese platter above (complete with lettuce and basil from the garden).  while at rosemont i saw little mini watermelons and had an idea.  check it out...
my friend brought chocolate croissants...ooh and one filled with ham and cheese.  we talked and ate to the sound of dogs playing and resting, playing and resting.  as i eyed the food, i just kept hoping that i'd have enough room in to try everything.  oh this brunch was sweet and delicious...i could get used to this.

brunchy foods = love.

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