Wednesday, June 20, 2012

one of those mornings...

in the best way possible.  it was one of those mornings where i woke before my alarm. i threw on my running clothes, hobbes came over for a scratch, and we were out the door.  we went to little john for a morning slow jog.  on the ride over i had all the windows down and the air was perfect.  it was warmish air with an ocean breeze and the best smells.  we're expecting 80s today and this morning it was already in the mid-60s.  perfection.  the sun was pouring through the trees with strong beams of light.  we jogged and one of us chased chipmunks and laid in a mud puddle.

this was a wonderful start to what will be some busy days ahead.  i'll carry this morning with me as i go.

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