Thursday, June 21, 2012

on dogs and kids...

while walking with hobbes the other day i found myself deep in thought about life with a dog and things that i hope will continue into life for our child.  here are just some of my hopes...
  • that we'll spend lots of time outside
  • that he/she will "help" me garden
  • that we'll provide him/her with opportunities to be exactly what they are--a child
  • that he/she will get dirty when they play
  • that we'll love to nuzzle you once you've had a bath...and when you are a filthy mudbucket
  • that sometimes our child will lead and we'll follow...and other times we'll lead and our child will follow
  • we'll strive to keep him/her leash-free
  • that we'll have lots of time rolling on the floor and playing
  • that we'll find your noises and sounds hilarious
  • that we'll look at you and see just love
  • that he/she will be social and love playing with others
  • that he/she will  be a great sleeper
  • that he/she will join us in our bed in the early morning for some snuggling and sleeping in
  • that he/she will love strawberries...and cheese
i have millions more, but i'm already teary with joy thinking about this.  this morning is filled with happy tears and fresh strawberries...and a barking dog!

breakfast this morning is fresh strawberries from yesterday's farmers market


  1. I have to say that this made me tear up too! Such sweet images of family and so much love.

  2. Love this list and i feel like it's so similar to how we have often raised our kids---definitely envisioned it and sometimes actually accomplished. Right now, my naked nymphs are outside in the plastic kiddy pool with strawberry stains on their bellys.


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