Monday, June 11, 2012

good humor...

our weekend was filled with lots of second floor house projects (ripping tile off the wall, removing the toilet and sink, screwing drywall, puttying...and that was all o!).  on sunday mid-afternoon, i heard o shouting something from upstairs.  he heard the ice cream truck and we should get something.  o doesn't even like ice cream really, so i verified that i'd heard correctly.  i had.  i grabbed my money and hit the street.  i wasn't exactly sure what to do...this was my first time ever flagging down the ice cream truck.  

he stopped, i chose, and we ate.

o went back to work.  he was a total trooper this weekend...wasn't feel well yesterday and still worked his tail off on the second floor.  this baby is putting us to work!


  1. What?!...O doesn't really like ice cream? Did I read that correctly?? Can we get some "before" and "after" shots of the upstairs??

  2. Do you people know how to relax? Please next weekend just go to the beach and chilllllllll. I'll even lend you the most fabulous towel I got as a gift.


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