Tuesday, May 1, 2012

let the cravings begin...

i think the first pregnancy cravings have started...for chocolate pudding.  right now it's just pudding, but i liked the look of this homemade pudding pop for warmer days.

i'm from the pudding has calcium school of thought...mmmm calcium.

pregnant or not, what are you craving today?

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  1. well, now I'm craving chocolate pudding pops! should you be looking for a really rich dark chocolate pudding, this recipe sounds notsogood, but is actually awesome!

    1 avocado
    1/2 banana
    1/4 cup cocoa powder
    1/4 cup honey
    1 T coconut oil
    1 t vanilla

    (throw it all in a food processor and eat)

  2. um, I'm not even pregnant and am totally craving chocolate pudding now! Abby, that recipe sounds delicious!! I will have to try it!


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