Wednesday, May 23, 2012

green, white, and pink...

over the weekend we had friends over for a bbq and i cut up a huge fruit salad.  fruit seems to be the one thing that i am always in the mood for these days.  berries, melons, pineapple, grapes...yum.  ooh and i made a big batch of tabouli, too.  i've been enjoying big lunches of fruit and middle eastern cuisine for the past few days.

a fruit related question.  o says that honeydew melon is "filler fruit" and i would argue that cantaloupe is the filler.  what is your vote?


  1. Honeydew. Filler. No question.

  2. i prefer honeydew to cantaloupe. cantaloupe is filler. no question. ;)

  3. Honeydew, my reasoning being that it's rarely perfectly ripe. However, fun fact...canteloupe is one of the highest nutritional fruits you can eat (don't quote me on that...but my mom had a chart at our house growing up, and that one was at the top!)

  4. Honeydew is the filler---not as attractive color and rarely ripe.


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