Tuesday, May 29, 2012


this weekend we spent so much time outside--at home, in new harbor, with friends, at little john, and on a boat!  hobbes was pretty funny on the boat.  he couldn't figure out how to get on, so o had to lift him...which was comical.  then he just kept finding new places to sit every 15 minutes or so.  
i loved when he tucked himself perfectly under the table...you know in case any cheese scraps dropped when we had our snack.
we just went out for about an hour and puttered around an island off new harbor.  in the safety of the island we were able to have snacks and we spotted two bald eagles and their massive nest.  i was shocked by how big it was.
speaking of how big is it...o took this photo of me, which doesn't really accurately capture what i and the baby bump look like.  i'm in my 19th week, almost at the halfway point (which is crazy).  
we had such a nice weekend...the extra day (and in my case days) felt like a mini-vacation.  we managed to do a lot without feeling rushed around.  a trip up the coast, a craft project (stay tuned), work on the baby's room and our second floor, time to relax, great walks, and the best blueberry pancakes i've ever had!

what about you?  how did you spend the long weekend?

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  1. So excited to see a belly shot! You look radiant! And you have just about the cutest dog ever :)



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