Thursday, May 31, 2012


i love this picture of mr. hobbes eyeing his tempting bag of [stale] peanut butter crackers.  i especially love his fuzzy legs.  

and speaking of fuzzy...we were all fuzzy last night when we both got to feel baby movement.  and tomorrow is our half-way point at 20 weeks!

what's got you all fuzzy?

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the deck...

o and i spent a while on sunday testing out chairs and benches for our deck furniture.  we would make a decision and then change things completely...bench, two chairs, and a coffee table!  rounded flat back.  wait, do we want a real table?  gah!!!

we made the wonderful mistake of sitting in these beauties above, which happen to be just about the most comfortable wooden chair i've even sat in.  we couldn't not buy these.

over time they will grey, just as our shingles will.  and when we are ready for a real table, we can buy one and still use these chairs.

we're hoping for lots of sunny morning bagel eating, reading, feet-up-relaxing, after work cheese plates with refreshing drinks, and good times with friends in these new chairs.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


this weekend we spent so much time outside--at home, in new harbor, with friends, at little john, and on a boat!  hobbes was pretty funny on the boat.  he couldn't figure out how to get on, so o had to lift him...which was comical.  then he just kept finding new places to sit every 15 minutes or so.  
i loved when he tucked himself perfectly under the know in case any cheese scraps dropped when we had our snack.
we just went out for about an hour and puttered around an island off new harbor.  in the safety of the island we were able to have snacks and we spotted two bald eagles and their massive nest.  i was shocked by how big it was.
speaking of how big is it...o took this photo of me, which doesn't really accurately capture what i and the baby bump look like.  i'm in my 19th week, almost at the halfway point (which is crazy).  
we had such a nice weekend...the extra day (and in my case days) felt like a mini-vacation.  we managed to do a lot without feeling rushed around.  a trip up the coast, a craft project (stay tuned), work on the baby's room and our second floor, time to relax, great walks, and the best blueberry pancakes i've ever had!

what about you?  how did you spend the long weekend?

Friday, May 25, 2012

life lately according to iphone photos...

i was just scrolling back through my iphone photos and realized they do a pretty good job describing what has been going on here in our world.

my friend brought me these baby bensimons back from france.  they hurt to look at...
hobbes has been loving the summery ocean air, especially as we come over the bridge to our house...
a kind co-worker brought me a bundle of lily of the valley, which smell like what i imagine heaven smells like...
mr. lazypants lounging in the yard, waiting for some action in the neighborhood...
a flat of plants that are in the ground and containers all around our house.  the yard and gardens look awesome.  yay summer...
the jeopardy board we made for a co-worker's farewell party after 22 years with our company...

dogs, plants, babies, and games!  i'm off today for an extra-long long weekend.  today i'm going to run a few errands, do a craft project (stay tuned), eat a yummy lunch, and just relax with my growing mid-section.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

the secret to life...

i found this image this morning and it stuck in my mind.  is this the secret to life?

learn to love.
love to live.
live to learn.

what would you add, if anything?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

green, white, and pink...

over the weekend we had friends over for a bbq and i cut up a huge fruit salad.  fruit seems to be the one thing that i am always in the mood for these days.  berries, melons, pineapple, grapes...yum.  ooh and i made a big batch of tabouli, too.  i've been enjoying big lunches of fruit and middle eastern cuisine for the past few days.

a fruit related question.  o says that honeydew melon is "filler fruit" and i would argue that cantaloupe is the filler.  what is your vote?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a pig/dog...

this morning on our walk i found hobbes laying and rolling underneath a little bridge in about 2 inches of water and 5 inches of mud.  just cooling off after a crazy run through the fields.  he stood up and was all black.  so after our walk and before we got in the car, we went to the beach for a quick dip.  i'm grateful to live in a place where we can let him be a dog while on his walks--running, jumping through the woods, chasing scents and critters, and getting dirty.  i'm also grateful that we can easily take him for a dip as a cool down/clean off.

i'm also glad that i don't have to go in with him...brrrr!

Monday, May 21, 2012

a summer weekend...

this weekend was bliss.  beautiful days.  temps in the 70s.  a slight breeze.

we spent lots of time the garden, planting in containers, seeding the lawn, relaxing on the deck, bbq-ing, and walking the dog.  i got that ice cream cone that i was wanting and got to see lots of friends.

this weekend was the perfect lead-up to next weekend...a three day weekend (that i'm making into a four day weekend).

if you could get an ice cream cone right now, what flavor would it be?

Friday, May 18, 2012

it is one of my favorite things...

the airedale head tilt.  it truly is one of my favorite things.  wishing you a wonderful weekend.  we're planning on some good dog walks, finishing the garden, time to relax, a little house project, a visit from a friend...and hopefully our first ice cream cone of the season!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

this is frank...

remember the video about hobbes that i gave o for christmas?  well, prior to that film, the filmmaker made an amazing video about local legend frank knight...who sadly passed away this week at 103 years old.  this video is about as good as it gets.  a beautiful story, great footage, a wonderful storyteller, and a fascinating subject.

alex and i are already scheming about creating frank knight day in yarmouth...for tree planting and remembering this incredible man.  watch the story and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

do good...

this photo struck me this morning...and seemed fitting for today.  do good deed.  do good for yourself and others.  do good for your family.  do good for your spirit.  do good exclamation point!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


on sunday we loaded the back of the car with plants.  i had big hopes of getting everything in the ground that afternoon, but by the time we got home i was nearly asleep.  i'm going to hit the farmer's market this week to get veggies and then this weekend i'm going to get to it.  i spent some time on saturday prepping the garden and mending the fence that makes the door to the garden.

i was reminded this weekend how much hobbes loves the plastic planter containers.  he saw a whole stack of them, got a devilish look in his eye, grabbed the top one and bolted.  he spent the next five minutes flinging it around, crunching on it, and chasing it.

a dog that loves digging, eating greens, and plastic planters...this should go well!

Monday, May 14, 2012

one year...

a year ago yesterday we got engaged, so we needed to celebrate.  we took a walk on the workshop beach and collected stones.  with tote bag in hand we wondered and gathered.  it's funny what catches your eye.  we found lots with know, lucky rocks!  we also spent yesterday celebrating mother's day and my birthday.

i received so many lovely and thoughtful to see a musician that i adore, a gift card to soakology, a painting that i could stare at for hours of the view from the workshop where we got married, and a gift card to a hardware store for second floor renovations.  there were about showered with love.

lucky rocks and presents for a lucky lady!

Friday, May 11, 2012

words for parenthood...

as we approach mother's day on sunday and the though of actually being parents, o and i had some fun the other day.  we took our word of the day cards and decided that the word that we picked that day would be our individual word for fatherhood and motherhood.  with eyes closed and fingers feeling around in the bowl, o went first and pulled responsibility!  then it was my turn and i picked freedom.

they say with great freedom comes great it sounds like o and i will heavily depend on one another as a little one heavily depends on us.

i'm curious to see the positive ways that we both find our word coming to life.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

treasures and trash...

we arrived home last night after two days at the brimfield antique show.  i was sleepy, but not too tired to get my new treasure into the garage.  i only bought this one old dresser that is going to get painted and new handles and become a baby changing table.  i saw lots of other wonderful things, but for some reason this year i wasn't much for committing to items.  i loved walking around and deciding what i wanted to pass and what i wanted to explore.

last year we spent our time trying to find a quilt rack--we finally found one on the second day.  this year, they seemed to be at every turn!

we didn't see martha stewart or any famous folks, but the people watching was incredible!

Monday, May 7, 2012

a hiding place...

sunday was the perfect deck day...we spent the better part of the day enjoying the new space.  hobbes has also found joy in the space.  he army crawl way underneath the deck, which as you can see is low to the ground.  it makes me panic to think about being under there...but hobbes loves the tight nook.

o leaned over the deck to see where hobbes was, said the word "cheese"and then this happened...and i snapped this photo of my guys.

i'm taking the next two days to go to brimfield antique show with my dear friend christina.  the weather doesn't look to be all that great, but we're ready for whatever!  i'll take lots of photos and share our adventures on thursday!  until then, be well.

Friday, May 4, 2012

a friend for hobbes...

we could get one of these lithe guys, right?  he could be a friend for hobbes, they could play and run around...and he could eat the grass so we don't have to mow the lawn.  we could teach him not to cross the invisible fence and we'd build him a little pen.  i mean look at those ears...and those knee patches.

and while we're at it we should just get some chickens too, right?

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

it's the new caprese salad...

after an unfortunate early pregnancy run in with mozzarella pearls, i'm thinking that my summer might not be filled with quite as much caprese salad as it usually is.  therefore...i'm declaring this the summer of's the new caprese salad!

chick peas, bulgur, mint, tomato, cucumbers, parsley, oil, and salt here i come.

feel free to join me.  or is this the summer of something else for you?  if so, do tell!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

just a little push...

sometimes when we are out for a walk, i ask o to give me a little push...just to get the train moving again or at least a little faster.  this photo reminded me of that...which i can only imagine will get more necessary for me and a tad harder for o as the months go on.

a nudge of love.

photo credit

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

let the cravings begin...

i think the first pregnancy cravings have started...for chocolate pudding.  right now it's just pudding, but i liked the look of this homemade pudding pop for warmer days.

i'm from the pudding has calcium school of thought...mmmm calcium.

pregnant or not, what are you craving today?

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