Thursday, April 5, 2012

a memorable dinner...

last night a met friend for dinner.  she's a newer friend.  we first met through the blog world, then she moved to maine, we get together every so often for dinner.  last night we found ourselves at paciarino amidst fresh bread with oil, crispy salads, and ravioli. yum.  we chatted and chatted.  my new friend doesn't seem so new anymore, which is fun!  it was a memorable dinner!

after a long day (which included the purchase of a new computer...which i haven't taken out of the box yet for fear that i wouldn't sleep last night or go to work today out of excitement) the meal was devoured...and got me really excited to use the new pasta making attachments that my aunt sent my way.

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  1. ooh! i love paciarino!! and yay for new friends who already feel like long lost buddies! and yippee for new computers! :)


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