Wednesday, April 11, 2012

instant happiness...

yesterday while shopping in a thrift store i found the dress seen above.  it's so close to my dear friend jana's bat mitzvah dress (don't remember? click here!)'s a little shorter and has some updated sleeves, but really it's a spitting image.  i was instantly so happy.

i took a photo and sent it to jana.  i would wager it's the best picture message she's ever received based on her response.  she's convinced that it's actually the dress, which made it's way up the east coast over the past twenty years and has just been tailored a bit.

our friend alex just launched a clothing and accessories business called persifor...and with stuff like the dress seen above still on the market she better watch out!


  1. I'm still speechless...jana

  2. ps searched the house, it's gone, clearly made it's way to the northeast and my mom strongly believes this theory too...jana


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