Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tiny heads...

on sunday night, o and i watched the 60 minutes piece on people with face blindness...the inability to recognize any faces even of those they know and love.  it was a fascinating episode.  it reminded me of a psychology class i took in college visual and auditory perception.  during a commercial break i made o come stand in front of our bathroom mirror.  i did one of our homework assignment from that class: go to a mirror, take a dry erase marker, close one eye, and trace the outline of your shoulders and head.  when you open up and step back your first thought is that you must have made a mistake, because the outline is tiny...a little small head.

the reason behind this is because you are twice the distance you are from the mirror---once in real life and once in your mirror image life.

anyways...these two drawings are still on our mirror and have me smiling.  i wonder how long they'll stay!  maybe until we do a renovation and get rid of that awful mirror?

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