Friday, March 30, 2012


this friday morning i'm mentally stuffing these twelve hearts with love and sending them out into the friends near and far.

here are twelve things that have made my heart full this week...sleeping with two big comforters on these colder days, falling asleep on the couch last night, frequent walks with christina and amelia, a sweet co-worker who got her first court date in what has been a long ethiopian adoption process, the generous support of others as we gather medical and childcare supplies to send with her on her first visit to the orphanage, a sun shiny day today after some dreary ones, knowing that o is with friends on a much needed long weekend vacation, strawberries, planning for the easter egg hunt, celebrating belle's first birthday with cupcakes, random acts of kindness, and that o actually thinks we are going to win megamillions (here's hoping). 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

it's a no photo day...

i'm pretty sure the time has arrived to get a new laptop.  i've waited for so long...but it's time.  this young (but in computer years old) girl has lived for five and a half years.  today while trying to save a photo to post on my blog, my girl basically said to me in her computer language...nope, i can't, i've run out of space.  but you see, i've moved nearly everything to an external hard drive and she has next to nothing left on her. appears there may be a new girl in town shortly...and maybe a few days of photoless blog posts until then!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

crazy nature...

on a walk through the woods this weekend, o and i spotted this tree that looked like an octopus...with eyes and a large head.  doesn't it look like it could just slither over.  creepy.

and guess what people?  this morning we woke up to a white christmas.  that's right...snow on the ground!  o kept looking out the window and asking "what about our tulips?"(they're daffodils)...and i worry too--our lilac bush is about to bloom and our perennials are already popping up.  

hobbes is enjoying the snow...taking huge bites and then running like a crazy man to his next icy bite.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

beach time...

hobbes has been finding the mud on our walks lately...thick, thick mud.  this means we often end his walk with a dip in the ocean to clean him off.  and that means that this is what he looks like before we let him get too far into the house...
o think he looks like mother teresa and i think he looks like E.T. when drew barrymore dresses him up for halloween.  what do you think?

Monday, March 26, 2012

before and after...

our kitchen used to have these gross curly things over the windows...but not anymore!  o was busy this weekend chipping away on house projects.  i was a raking queen, getting our gardens cleaned out.  and hobbes used the tarp with leaves situation to do this...
saturday was our outside day and sunday was an inside day...oh but it was a good weekend!  what about you...what did you do this weekend?

Friday, March 23, 2012

encouraging myself...

it's 7:22 in the morning and i want all those chocolate chip cookies for breakfast...and there are even fresh bagels in the house!  

i'm encouraging myself not to cross the street at work today and go to standard baking for will just be dangerous.  you know that sleeve of ginger molasses cookies.  i'd eat them all.

i have yet to find a spot in town (thank goodness!) that sells chocolate chip cookies how i like them...tall, puffy, a teeny bit gooey, and soft.

off to whip up the yummiest breakfast bagel sandwiches i can think of!

happy friday!

photo credit

Thursday, March 22, 2012

dreaming of the garden...

wouldn't this be the coolest garden pathway?  i'm going to try a mini mini version of this in my little patch.  these warm days have me dreaming about what i'm going to plant (cukes, herbs, beans, and peas) and what i'm done trying to grow (hello tomatoes).  this weekend was supposed to be our last ski weekend, but instead it's going to be a home improvement weekend.  i envision lots of raking, repairing, and preparing.  i got a little aggressive last summer cutting down trees, ripping out gardens, and addition, our renovation has changed things too.  i'm excited to get the ol' homestead ready for summer!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

summer project...

this might take a while, but i need to make one of these this summer...where i'm not sure, but it's just a must!  other things on my summer list include lots of picnics, a big hike with o and hobbes, garden time, and a retreat of some kind.  what is on your summer list now that it's all warm and dreamy outside?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

tiny heads...

on sunday night, o and i watched the 60 minutes piece on people with face blindness...the inability to recognize any faces even of those they know and love.  it was a fascinating episode.  it reminded me of a psychology class i took in college visual and auditory perception.  during a commercial break i made o come stand in front of our bathroom mirror.  i did one of our homework assignment from that class: go to a mirror, take a dry erase marker, close one eye, and trace the outline of your shoulders and head.  when you open up and step back your first thought is that you must have made a mistake, because the outline is tiny...a little small head.

the reason behind this is because you are twice the distance you are from the mirror---once in real life and once in your mirror image life.

anyways...these two drawings are still on our mirror and have me smiling.  i wonder how long they'll stay!  maybe until we do a renovation and get rid of that awful mirror?

Monday, March 19, 2012

it was one of those weekends...

filled with lots of visitors, blue skies, good food, bagpipes, dogs, and sunshine.  we christened our new deck, ate lots of bagels, had an early first birthday for belle, hosted wrestlemania XXIX between hobbes and nik in our bed on sunday morning, felt a little sunkissed, and kept our fleece close by for when the sun set.

what about was your weekend?

Friday, March 16, 2012

we're like twins...

twin rings!  a sweet co-worker just got engaged and look what she got?  a jennifer nielson ocean stone ring!  months ago she'd asked my about my ring and now we must have twin superpowers with these things, right?

it makes me so happy!

congrats kaitlyn!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

march madness...

in our group of friends doritos equal football season, but since i'm entering the march madness bracket with these hooligans i think i'm going to make doritos a basketball thing too. in?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

look up...

i'd love to look up in the sky and see this.  or maybe a cloud shaped like a heart.  or a bunch of geese flying in the shape of a heart.  

i went outside with hobbes on sunday night after 6:30 and it was still light out.  after lots of admiring the sky and the lightness, i looked out across our yard and it was striking how gross our yard looked.  the snow has melted and our yard is covered with dozens of chewed up sticks, old bones, pieces of wood that hobbes has snuck out of the garage, and pieces of trash he's stolen from my car.  i did a quick clean up and then just kept savoring the light!

spring ahead!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


on sunday afternoon the sunlight was shining into our new room and new book was calling my name.  i got our aerobed, a bunch of pillows, and a pair of sunglasses and soaked up the vitamin d.  i made it 44 pages in the book before napping in the sun for about an hour.  it's hard to believe how sunless this room used to be!

Monday, March 12, 2012


day three hundred thirty nine. from the bottom of my sole(s).

happy monday morning! i had a wonderful and relaxing weekend with friends who came for a visit.  it was filled with yummy meals, long dog walks, setting the clock ahead, sleeping in, a good movie, a cozy fire, delicious snacks, a quick trip to freeport, long breakfasts, homemade chicken soup, and even a power nap.

it was love!

Friday, March 9, 2012

beep beep...

i was born and raised a vw did i miss this model?  silly, aerodynamic, and adorable! if you were having a bad day and you saw this car on the road you would have to smile, right?  somehow i picture the driver needing to wear a helmet.

what was your first car?

happy frirday...beep beep...woot woot!

image credit

Thursday, March 8, 2012

tiny notes...

lately i've been leaving o notes when i leave for work because well...i love that boy.  we also often hide silly things around the house for each other to find.  lately it's been the same thing popping over in a variety of places.  hobbes must think we are going crazy!

off to write a note before i leave for work...

image credit

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

i could...

i could get lost in this painting.  i could wander through the woods and along the shore.  i could build rock and driftwood sculptures.  i could watch hobbes explore it all.  i could talk and hike...and pause and sit. i could, i could, i could!

image credit

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

another throwback...

the other day at the grocery store these snuck into our cart.  o and i shared a pack and they are just as we remembered from childhood...the plastic spreader, the salty cheese, the buttery cookie.  we even gave hobbes a little taste and he kept literally licking his lips.

i think i'm going to have to put o in the grocery cart with the car on the front to keep this from happening again...first nilla wafers and now this!

Monday, March 5, 2012

lines of color...

i'm liking these stripes of color this monday morning.  i could go wild with this colored washi tape!  and can you imagine if these were your stairs?
send me a little color from your world.

image 1 and 2

Friday, March 2, 2012

snow day...

i can't wait to get home today and see this snowy guy! i think this might be one of o's best photos!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

it could have been so much worse...

on sunday afternoon we had a little paint incident.  the brand new paint can fell from the counter and about 3/4 of the gallon dumped onto the floor.  first things first we rushed hobbes outside...he could have made it much worse.  we scooped up as much as we could and then we got cleaning...
it was frantic...and silly!
and now we have a section of the floor that is super clean...and you'd never know it happened.  phew.

can you imagine if the can had spilled on the new floors?
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