Tuesday, February 28, 2012

cheesy hearts...

ravioli hearts?  does it get any sweeter?  imagine sitting down for dinner on some random tuesday in april or june to this for dinner?
i'd add rao's sauce, a yummy salad with honey sesame sticks, and a baguette from standard baking.  side note/question: making ravioli seems fairly easy (but so did these)...has anyone tried?

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  1. I made them with some friends in San Francisco a couple of years ago. We made over 300 because we were hosting a "ravioli party", and it was easy...however I totally recommend having a 'pasta press' (I have no idea what the real name is called, but it's this thing you put the dough in between and crank by hand so that it gets thin enough for ravioli. SOOO YUMMY! I've wanted to make it since then, but am intimidated to do so without the 'press'.


  2. I just tried Rao's for the first time! I have to admit to spooning it out of the Jar and directly into my mouth. So delish (especially when on sale). I think that sauce would make anything taste better. Yummmmm. xxx Jess


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