Wednesday, January 18, 2012

under a blanket...

this is how i spend the majority of the time at our house...either sleeping under a blanket or nestled under a blanket.  ourhouseisquitecold!  i've found the perfect combination...the weaved blanket that my aunt gave me with an l.l. bean comforter on top...while wearing the slippers christina gave me last year.  not only do i stay warm, but i fall asleep/get cozy and drowsy almost instantly.

the upside of a really chilly house and a shower with luke warm water at best is that i'm motivated to work out at the gym at work where i can get a really hot shower.  sad, but true!

what are your tricks for staying warm in the winter?


  1. old, "grandpa" sweaters, flannel pants, zombie slippers, and handmade quilts and afghans...also a husband who radiates heat and using my netbook an inordinate amount of time (warms my lap).

  2. cold? in the winter? I'm not sure you'll take me seriously since our winters are about 60 degrees... But, we do sit in front of our fireplace all the time! Ezra is a little pyromaniac!


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