Tuesday, January 17, 2012

half way around the world...

i'm back! i spent the week after the new year in asia visiting seoul and shanghai for work.  i loved seoul...so very much.  it felt peaceful and had a really nice flow...oh and the mountains.  i also had the best dumpling soup i've ever tasted in this lovely city.

shanghai was just bigger than i imagined...more high rise buildings, more people, more hanging laundry, more lights at night, more sprawl, just more.  that said...i can see why people choose to live there.  oh and the parks filled with people doing tai chi in the mornings...i just loved that.

now that i am back at home, the trip sort of feels like something i imagined.  i took very few photos and i bought very few gifts.  my suitcase is unpacked.  hobbes is by my side.  life seems as usual.  the actuality of my trip sits between accomplishing the first of my new year's resolutions and a promise i made myself nearly ten years ago.

i was there...half way around the world!

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