Monday, January 23, 2012

flooring (part one)...

this weekend we started laying our hardwood floor.  as a quick refresher, here is what the white room looked like when we started.  we selected tigerwood, which looks beautiful!  my brother, ian, came to help us get started.
i was in charge of selecting the wood, keeping the floor clean, making sure we were using all the various sized planks, making sure things continued to look random, and some measuring.  o was responsible for hammering the planks into place and nailing them in.  ugh...poor guy!
we set ourselves up for the next day...
we worked all day, did about a quarter of the room, and could barely walk at the end of our first flooring experience.  here is o using all he had left to hold up one finger...showing how far we got on day one.


  1. so exciting! It looks so good and is going to look AMAZING when it is finished! Nice job!


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