Monday, December 19, 2011

an old favorite...

Good Will Hunting
this weekend o and i watched good will hunting, which i haven't seen in years...but which i've probably seen fifty times.  this was one of the movies in college that i would put in at night if i couldn't fall asleep...that, center stage, and almost famous

i have a handful of favorite scenes/moments from this movie...when i think about them i wish there were more movies made like this.  you know, just good movies!  my favorite is the part where robin williams explains the first time he saw his wife. ah and most of the scenes with the gang from southie.  oh and boston movies, you know those always get me.

i think o's favorite part is where he lists his 12 brothers: marky, ricky, danny, terry, miley, davey, timmy, tommy, joey, robby, johnny, and brian.  i like it because it reminds me of when my mom lists the twelve garvey kids: kathy, eileen, anne, andy, maura, gumper, chrissy, michael, mark, meg, beth, billy.

what's your favorite scene?


  1. "How do you like 'dem apples" A classic! I didn't know anyone else owned "Center Stage" now I do not feel so ashamed :) Still pop it in every once in a while...shhhhhh. xoxo Jess

  2. I love the "can I get a double burger" song from the backseat by Morgan (my namesake - LOL) Merry Christmas Jill! --Morgan


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