Tuesday, December 6, 2011


my dad and my brother came down this past weekend to help us with a project and they also brought us an incredible jade plant...it's huge!  three feet tall by three feet wide.  i love it and it has already transformed the room.  i'm also considering adding some red berries and calling it our christmas tree.  somehow with our forsythia bush blooming outside it is a little hard to get into the holiday spirit.

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  1. Magnificent! I love Jade. I have one that has been with me for decades, and has given birth to many babies. They have a regal bearing, I think (maybe an energy thing...).

    And forsythia blooming in ME!!?? Omigoodness. Well, here comes the snow... !

    You remind me of my ficus Christmas Tree in Dublin (I think I posted a pic of it in Dec. '08...). Homemade ornaments, and all. It was a little, glowing delight. Why not a Christmas Jade? Enjoy - have a blessed and bountiful Christmas season, Jill!



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