Wednesday, December 21, 2011

game shows...

if i could plan my dream would include being on the price is right (circa 1987) to play plinko (with my dad in the audience), followed by a stint on current-day jeopardy (with o in the audience so i could give him a silly sign), then i would be transported to my next game in the cash cab (with my former boss and his partner...both trivia wizards!), and then my grand finale would be a chance to play 100,000 pyramid (with emily as my clue person and dick clark as the host).

what about you?  what game shows would you play?

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  1. I loved the 100,000 Dollar Pyramid but Wheel of Fortune is HUGE and I was a sucker for The Newly Wed Game--making whoopie :)

  2. I would play.....

    As a 10yo: Double Dare
    As a teenager: Joker's Wild or Bumper Stumpers (little known vanity license plate game)
    As a college kid: Price is Right
    In my twenties: Supermarket Sweep (always get the hams and turkeys)
    In my thirties: Jeopardy

  3. 100,000 pyramid, my favorite!!! But I do love me some good cash cab!


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