Tuesday, November 29, 2011


while in new orleans, i was at an event with our staff from all over the world when i walked past a table set up by our staff in brazil.  i saw the ribbons instantly and i was suddenly eleven years old.  i was at an international camp when i was that age with a group from brazil and they had these bracelets/ribbons called "fitas".  i approached the table and asked for one.  my sweet co-worker pulled a crisp white ribbon and wrapped it around my wrist.  i made a wish each time she tied the knots to secure the band.  my eyes brimmed with tears and my vision got a little blurry.

i don't know if you can tell people the wishes you made, so i won't share them here.  all i know is that i need to wear this until it falls off...which can sometimes take years.  i'll let you know when the wishes come true...and when my fita falls off.

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  1. I had a fita as well---not sure how long it took to fall off or if I took it off (I'm one of those rule breakers) but I loved reading this knowing exactly what you were talking about.


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