Monday, November 28, 2011


while home for thanksgiving my parents asked me to clean out the items that were mine from the closet of my childhood bedroom.  i found lots of mix tapes, photo albums, and boxes of stuff (a box from with all kinds of items from a camp i went to as an 11 year old and a box of all my notebooks and papers from college).

just the week before i checked out the book stuff from the library, as i am so curious about the things that people keep and how and why.  it was great to go through the boxes...and also great to part with a bunch of the stuff.

i found two truly great things in the boxes...that stayed in the keeper box.  first, was a paper i wrote about my lebanese ancestors for a citizenship and migration class in college.  i forgot i had done that and rereading the paper and pieces of the interview i did with my grandfather was so special.  second, was my journal from the first trip i ever took wasn't anything earth shattering, but it was interesting to see what i wrote about.

have you found anything interesting from the past lately?

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  1. My mom just brought me my blankie and stuffed skunk from when I was a kid...I think she is urging me to take responsibility of this stuff now too! :)


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