Wednesday, November 2, 2011


lately i've been grateful for...warm fireplaces (especially on nights without power), inspiring bookstores, cuddly dogs, hubbies that clean the house, conversations with friends, thinking about old books from childhood, warm socks, puffy coats, blaze orange, my commute time, the power of a checklist, quick email exchanges with o during the day, falafel, humor amidst chaos, and fresh baguettes with butter.

what about you?  what are you grateful for lately?

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  1. i am grateful my husband, my kitties and their soft, purring cuddles, eating the best kao soi (and knowing i made it), my new birthday zombie slippers, the quilt i made myself that use everynight, and i am grateful to know a certain miss jill who share her days with us on this sweet blog. :)


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