Thursday, October 6, 2011


last night i was out walking with hobbes in the woods.  we are in the race against the sun setting each night...every day we lose more minutes.  as he jumps and hunts and darts around he seems so free and happy.  i say i am taking hobbes for a walk...but really we both need it.  i feel the sense of freedom and happiness in the woods, too.  two times every day...rain, shine, snow, or sun.  i am grateful that hobbes requires this time...because i know that i would have taken about four hundred less walks this year.  what a gift!

the photo above was taken for evan and kili...every once in a while you have to let your inner intellectual out!  you know what i mean?

***for the record: hobbes attacked a porcupine on our walk this morning...who attacked him right back. hobbes is currently at the vet getting quills extracted from his whole face and inside his mouth. ***

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  1. That happened to Che too---we tried to pull some out by ourselves, which was absolutely horrible....and we still ended up bringing to the vets. Glad to hear that you brought him right away. Darn those curious dogs.


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