Monday, October 24, 2011

lawn games...

during our wedding we had lots of lawn games: ladder golf, jenga, and cornhole.  i'm quite certain that o's friends played cornhole almost non-stop that weekend...
andrew, christina, o, and i have decided that we are going to attempt (as a group) to make a few sets of cornhole.  wish us luck!
i heart all games...lawn games, board games, word games, all of them.  i'd say i'm not competitive, but that isn't quite true.  however, i can say that in recent years i've become less competitive.  what i loved about the games at our wedding was that they weren't really winning games...they were social games.  i loved looking over during the weekend as friends placed jenga blocks atop a wobbly tower, sunk a bean bag, or settled in to watch a game.

ahhh good (non-competitive) times!

photo credit: christina wnek


  1. ok, cornhole has got to be the worst name for a game....but i love playing it. i would have been one of the peeps playing all weekend and challenging everyone. (i used to be the pitcher on my HS softball team and it all comes back to me when i plat that silly, awesome game.)

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