Wednesday, October 19, 2011

if i had bridesmaids...

the morning of our wedding was cool and evidenced by the puffy patagonia vest.  i wandered around the space, watching as everything came together.  the ideas that we had for our wedding happened because of many many helping hands...many of which belong to my dear girlfriends.

these ladies are amazing...and before the wedding they were the ones that made sure everything happened.  despite their busy morning, they took a quick break to give me a gift they worked on together.
the ladies each wrote me a note (which i read while i was getting my hair done)...
i look at these photos and they are just so comforting...and make me sad that we don't all live in the same place.  maybe someday!

i told them collectively that i don't have a best friend...i have the best friends.  jana, tobi, abby, emily, and christina...i thank you each from the deepest place in my being for the work you put in to make that wonderful weekend in september so wonderful!

i didn't put you in bridesmaid gear, but please know that in my heart you are standing beside me from shortest to tallest in matching dresses.  xoxo!

photos by christina wnek


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