Friday, October 21, 2011


hibernating bear on a hankie
does anyone else feel like their starting to hibernate?  all i can think about lately are slippers,  going to bed early, big bowls of soup and lots of bread for dipping, starting fires in the morning that last into the night, mugs of warm tea, big poofy blankets, and long naps with hobbes.

it is i may, in fact, just be cold, hungry, and a little tired.  but i am pretty sure that this little bear is ready to settle in.  

we're boycotting turning the heat on until november.  can you say cold toes?


  1. we're boycotting turning the heat on too! (though we don't have a place to make fire to help supplement that...unless you count our oven). ;) but, this has been fairly mild so far and our internal house temp is hovering right around where we would keep the heat anyways...hibernation! i am all for it.

  2. Jill, we are definitely boycotting the heat too!!! The two of us on the couch with our hoodie sweatshirts, our slippers and a huge blanket will have to do until then! (We get the pellets for our stove next week so we'll see what happens....)


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