Monday, October 17, 2011

cutting garden...

my dear friend abby spent the week before our wedding helping with all the plans and hanging out in my dad's cutting garden.  i think it was her happy place.  i'd find her and her little guy in there...her exploring and him nibbling on green beans.  it became clear very quickly that she was going to be our flower lady for the wedding.

she picked...

 and she picked...
and she picked!

look at just some of the bounty...

and wait until you see how she arranged them!

photos by christina wnek (who has a new website coming...stay tuned!)


  1. i want to go to there... :)

  2. It was definitely my happy place!! I actually just planted some bulbs that are for "cutting flowers" in hopes of bringing those feelings of flower love to Tucson...if it doesn't work, we are moving for sure!

    We got something super fun in the mail on Friday!! I can't wait to chat soon!

  3. i am just planning my cutting garden for next year, and i also live in maine. any tips on what is in your pa's garden? thanks!


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