Monday, October 31, 2011

airedale reunion...

this weekend we found ourselves on pemaquid...cozy, filled with good (spicy) food, and a little snowy.  before the snow arrived we managed to squeeze in an airedale playdate.  joy lives on pemaquid.  she's little, tough, and a tad fancier in the grooming department than hobbes.

these two were like twins...they chased, played tug-o-war, and even drank at the same time.

can't we get two o, please?

photo credit: o on the new iphone

Friday, October 28, 2011

this morning...

this morning i'm in nyc.  a quick morning stroll, breakfast with a former co-worker, and then whoosh...soon enough i'll be home in the country.  it's so strange...i was in nyc a year ago this exact weekend.  what are you up to this weekend?

photo credit

Thursday, October 27, 2011

it's that time of year...

when all i want to do is eat these every night for dinner...with a little butter, some sour cream, and a pinch of sea salt.  who's in?

photo credit

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

the pooch...

today feels like a hobbes photo kind of day don't you think?  that face.  those eyes.  i tell you we love this four legged mud bucket.  good old mr. woobie.  hobbesiepants.  bop bop.

ok, one more dog photo to share.  at the dinner the night before our wedding, we made a red heart out of tape on the screen door so that no one would walk into it/through it.  i looked over at one point and saw this...

photo credit: christina wnek...thanks to miss christina for the cd of images from the wedding and the lead-up festivities.  i heart your picts.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

my dear...

my dear friend caitlin sent me one of the nicest emails i have ever received over the weekend.  she's one of those friends that is just love.  love and a big big heart.  her friendship has always been nourishing and inspiring...and she motivates me simply by being herself.  she's a creative artistic spirit, a loving mother, an adventurer in the kitchen, a beautiful person, and a strong woman.  how did i get so lucky to have her in my life?

caitlin, may your heart and mind hold all the knowledge you need in the coming weeks as you take this next big step.   when i see you next you will be a midwife...a midwife! 

awe doesn't even come close to how i feel!

photo credit: christina wnek

Monday, October 24, 2011

lawn games...

during our wedding we had lots of lawn games: ladder golf, jenga, and cornhole.  i'm quite certain that o's friends played cornhole almost non-stop that weekend...
andrew, christina, o, and i have decided that we are going to attempt (as a group) to make a few sets of cornhole.  wish us luck!
i heart all games...lawn games, board games, word games, all of them.  i'd say i'm not competitive, but that isn't quite true.  however, i can say that in recent years i've become less competitive.  what i loved about the games at our wedding was that they weren't really winning games...they were social games.  i loved looking over during the weekend as friends placed jenga blocks atop a wobbly tower, sunk a bean bag, or settled in to watch a game.

ahhh good (non-competitive) times!

photo credit: christina wnek

Friday, October 21, 2011


hibernating bear on a hankie
does anyone else feel like their starting to hibernate?  all i can think about lately are slippers,  going to bed early, big bowls of soup and lots of bread for dipping, starting fires in the morning that last into the night, mugs of warm tea, big poofy blankets, and long naps with hobbes.

it is i may, in fact, just be cold, hungry, and a little tired.  but i am pretty sure that this little bear is ready to settle in.  

we're boycotting turning the heat on until november.  can you say cold toes?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

my wedding bouquet...

back when we first started planning our wedding we started with a list of things we wanted...and then a list of the things we didn't want.  i vividly recall when o shouted out i don't want boutonnieres.  since our wedding party was me and three dudes...this made our flowers a pretty simple endeavor.

from the gorgeous flowers that abby picked i whipped up this bouquet...

that summer working at a flower shop in boston came in useful!

photos by christina wnek and kari herer

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

if i had bridesmaids...

the morning of our wedding was cool and evidenced by the puffy patagonia vest.  i wandered around the space, watching as everything came together.  the ideas that we had for our wedding happened because of many many helping hands...many of which belong to my dear girlfriends.

these ladies are amazing...and before the wedding they were the ones that made sure everything happened.  despite their busy morning, they took a quick break to give me a gift they worked on together.
the ladies each wrote me a note (which i read while i was getting my hair done)...
i look at these photos and they are just so comforting...and make me sad that we don't all live in the same place.  maybe someday!

i told them collectively that i don't have a best friend...i have the best friends.  jana, tobi, abby, emily, and christina...i thank you each from the deepest place in my being for the work you put in to make that wonderful weekend in september so wonderful!

i didn't put you in bridesmaid gear, but please know that in my heart you are standing beside me from shortest to tallest in matching dresses.  xoxo!

photos by christina wnek

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blue mason jars...

after all of abby's flower picking, she got started arranging them in vases for the tables at our wedding.  aren't the vases pretty...something borrowed and something blue!
creative hands at work...
this photo was taken just moments before a truckload of guys showed up with the planks that were going to go on top of the sawhorses...the ones holding all the flowers.  photo shoot over!

thank you dad for growing the flowers, pat for the vases, and abby for the arranging!

photos by christina wnek

Monday, October 17, 2011

cutting garden...

my dear friend abby spent the week before our wedding helping with all the plans and hanging out in my dad's cutting garden.  i think it was her happy place.  i'd find her and her little guy in there...her exploring and him nibbling on green beans.  it became clear very quickly that she was going to be our flower lady for the wedding.

she picked...

 and she picked...
and she picked!

look at just some of the bounty...

and wait until you see how she arranged them!

photos by christina wnek (who has a new website coming...stay tuned!)

Friday, October 14, 2011

looking down...

our walks have become more colorful in places.  the old dirt floor looks like a carpet of fall fun.  the trees in our yard are just beginning to change and others along my walks and drive to work are in full fire.

this weekend brings a bit more exterior house work, a visit to chebeague, walks in the woods, and hopefully a visit from t & d.

what are you up to?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

columbus day...

i spent columbus day (i heart three day weekends) carving pumpkins with christina and amelia.  we got creative...and with a bad finger injury track record we decided to keep knife use to a minimum.  we opted for a linoleum cutter and a drill.  i'm excited to pop a candle in my creation (seen above).  and look how excited the little lady got when she saw my pumpkin...
friends, delicious food, time outside, crafting, and a day off from was a good one!  i've already started planning my fall to do list...and i'm thinking about my winter list, too!  what is on your list?  

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


this weekend brought sunny (dare i say hot) days and a visit from my dad and brother.  we shingled the back off our house.  check out the new deck and the boys at work...
all the helpful hands made our house so so so much better.  thanks guys!
just a little bit more to go!  

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

love stamps...

these stamps make me want to write never before.  i was at the post office this weekend mailing some packages and when asked if i needed any stamps, i replied no...and then these beauties caught my eye.  talk about an impulse buy!

i'm thinking these stamps should be on the envelope of a super fun party invitation.  i'll have to get planning!  any party ideas?

nice job us postal service, nice job!  

Friday, October 7, 2011


this photo feels like today.  the floor was chilly.  the spoons were cold in my hand.  the air is brisk.  all i wanted to do was make a big cup of tea, grab a blanket, and never get out of my jammers...but i'm up and headed out into the world.

i'm ready for the three day weekend...and lots of cups of tea.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


last night i was out walking with hobbes in the woods.  we are in the race against the sun setting each night...every day we lose more minutes.  as he jumps and hunts and darts around he seems so free and happy.  i say i am taking hobbes for a walk...but really we both need it.  i feel the sense of freedom and happiness in the woods, too.  two times every day...rain, shine, snow, or sun.  i am grateful that hobbes requires this time...because i know that i would have taken about four hundred less walks this year.  what a gift!

the photo above was taken for evan and kili...every once in a while you have to let your inner intellectual out!  you know what i mean?

***for the record: hobbes attacked a porcupine on our walk this morning...who attacked him right back. hobbes is currently at the vet getting quills extracted from his whole face and inside his mouth. ***

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


not this past rainy weekend, but the weekend before...yup the one that was hot and humid...i went apple picking with christina and amelia.  it felt funny to be apple picking in tank tops and not bundled in a fleece...but we still had lots of fun and some cider donuts.  we went to orchard hill farm in cumberland, was a really sweet farm.  the family purchased the farm five years ago, when it was run down and in bad shape.  they've done so much in that time and they couldn't have been nicer people.

i scooped up a mixed bag of macs, golden delicious, cortland, red delicious, granny smith, and gravenstein.  i smell an apple tasting party!

photos by christina wnek

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


two!  i have two brothers now.  i feel so lucky.  one was beyond...two is unreal!  on the right is my big bro...yeah the one who looks a little like me.  and now i have a little bro, too.  check it out...
yeah that guy with the flowing locks on the brother!

they were our witnesses for the of honor, bridesmen, flower boys, ring bearers, groomsmen, and our best men.  they did good work.

thanks big e and little e!

Monday, October 3, 2011

the state street traditional jazz band...

i'm not sure when i knew, but i was certain that the band that plays at the farmer's market in portland was going to be at our wedding.  i went to the market back in may, asked if they ever did events (to which they replied well we are a band!), and that was that.
imagine three old guys, new orleans jazz, a banjo, a tuba, and a saxophone...that's them!
back in our planning stages we wanted our daytime wedding reception to feel like a picnic and the farmer's market had a baby...we succeeded.  their incredible music was the backdrop for eating, lawn games, dancing, and hanging out.
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