Tuesday, September 20, 2011

time to reflect...

the three of us explored deer isle and stonington during our honeymoon...we hiked through preserves, ate at lily's cafe, visited nervous nellie's jams and jellies, poked into shops, and build rock sculptures.  after the excitement and energy of the past week, it was just right.

i'm grateful that o and i had the time to just talk about the whole event.  that was something i really loved about our first night as marrieds...as we were falling asleep we'd say good night and then one of us would remember some amazing detail and have to share it.  we'd chat and then say goodnight and then   it would happen again.  can you believe how wonderful our friends are?  can you believe how perfect that crashing wave was?  i loved the music at the bonfire.  did you have the pepperoni pizza?  we just couldn't fall asleep!

i loved it all...from the moment my friends first arrived early in the week to the rainy drive home from our honeymoon.  i can't wait to tell you all about so many things...all the work our dear friends did, the gorgeous venues, our lobster bake, all the little details, our families, the ceremony, our sneak peek before the wedding, all the games, the brick oven pizza, the bonfire, the wonderful speeches, the music, the food, our clothes, the flowers my dad grew, my experience getting ready, and so so so much more.


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