Wednesday, September 28, 2011

stones and seasons...

i keep reaching my hand into pockets of the vests, skirts (yes i may a have a new rule: only wearing clothes with pockets), and bags that i used during the wedding and finding little stones.  some that i found and others that were given to me...last week it was a heart shaped shell that allison found on the beach during her time on the shores.  i loved that as she was beachcombing just before our lobster bake she reached down, grabbed a rock, and screamed out this one is shaped like oklahoma!

during our honeymoon we collected ten stones from harbor island to bring home.  right now they are layed out in a line on a shelf...but i think there is a project in their future.  no ideas yet, but i'm thinking...and we are heading into crafting season!  woo-hoo!

every time i think about the changing of seasons, i have a quick pang of sadness because summer can't really be over...but then i start thinking about walks by the ocean in the fall, the smell of soup, warm jackets, cider donuts, and the fact that fall is actually my favorite!  

happy fall everybody...what's on your list of must do fall fun?

gorgeous photo by kari herer

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  1. Yurt Night (our second of the CIEE gift) on October 29th---this time with the boys. Apple Picking. Apple Sauce Making. Apple Crumb Making. Fall walks, raking leaves, jumping in up garden beds, composting emptying, chili---the list goes on and on....I'm like you....I mourn the season which I'm leaving but love each season for its own little treasures.


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