Thursday, September 29, 2011

i'm a list person...

i just used the last page of my blue spiral hardcover notebook that i keep in my's my book of to do lists.  if i don't write things down i forget.  sometimes at work i find a word scratched on my to do list and i have no idea what it means.  why did i write that strange strange word?  and then i figure it out and i'm grateful that i had the smarts to scribble it down so it wouldn't be forgotten.

looking back through the book was like looking at a journal...each list represents a period of time and the items on the list help frame what was happening.  i'm off to find a new book that i can make checkboxes in and fill with lists.

fact:  sometimes i break things up on my to do list so i can have more things to check off.  done. done. done!


  1. This post makes me miss you oh so much!!! OXOXOXO

  2. yes! notebooks are wonderful! they contain great raw material—to do lists, information, notes to self and free flowing bits of writing—to be revisited later....the revisiting part is fun. xo mignon


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