Monday, September 19, 2011


if you read one morning in maine as a child then you'll get it when i tell you that o and i honeymooned where sal, jane, and their dad go to get their motor fixed and some ice cream.  if you never read the book (you should), o and i rented an island nestled in buck's harbor (near deer isle and blue hill) that came with a little boston whaler, a small rustic cottage, and 25 acres to explore.  here is an aerial view...
for four days we (along with hobbes) had our own little private heart-shaped was amazing! we had perfect weather...sunny days and cool nights.  we spent a good portion of our time right here on the deck looking out, reading, napping, eating, and talking...
during our time on harbor island we tried to make sense of our wedding...i still feel like i could (and sometimes do) burst into happy/grateful/overwhelmed with love tears when i think about it.  it will be a little while before we get the photos, but i'll share what i have and continue to share as things come in.

i will tell you that the lead-up and the weekend were way beyond what i ever imagined they would be...we were surrounded by a small group of family and friends, in the most beautiful setting, with the kind of weather you can only dream about, listening to great music, playing yard games, and eating delicious food...and we got married!

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  1. Jill, Christina had such wonderful things to say about your weekend. And this honeymoon, well...looks absolutely perfect! I want to go to that heart shaped island! Congratulations to you and O!!


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