Friday, September 30, 2011

secret love handshake...

just kidding...this isn't our secret handshake, although we do have one.  this is just us being silly.  it was so nice to spend the minutes before we got married being silly.  it put us at ease.  it felt natural.  it made it so that we could say the things we wanted to say to each other when we saw each other.

looking at all the photos is so fun...the details, expressions, colors, silliness, and moments.  i love them.  thank you kari!

tell me, do you have a secret handshake?  and happy friday!

photo by kari herer 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

i'm a list person...

i just used the last page of my blue spiral hardcover notebook that i keep in my's my book of to do lists.  if i don't write things down i forget.  sometimes at work i find a word scratched on my to do list and i have no idea what it means.  why did i write that strange strange word?  and then i figure it out and i'm grateful that i had the smarts to scribble it down so it wouldn't be forgotten.

looking back through the book was like looking at a journal...each list represents a period of time and the items on the list help frame what was happening.  i'm off to find a new book that i can make checkboxes in and fill with lists.

fact:  sometimes i break things up on my to do list so i can have more things to check off.  done. done. done!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

stones and seasons...

i keep reaching my hand into pockets of the vests, skirts (yes i may a have a new rule: only wearing clothes with pockets), and bags that i used during the wedding and finding little stones.  some that i found and others that were given to me...last week it was a heart shaped shell that allison found on the beach during her time on the shores.  i loved that as she was beachcombing just before our lobster bake she reached down, grabbed a rock, and screamed out this one is shaped like oklahoma!

during our honeymoon we collected ten stones from harbor island to bring home.  right now they are layed out in a line on a shelf...but i think there is a project in their future.  no ideas yet, but i'm thinking...and we are heading into crafting season!  woo-hoo!

every time i think about the changing of seasons, i have a quick pang of sadness because summer can't really be over...but then i start thinking about walks by the ocean in the fall, the smell of soup, warm jackets, cider donuts, and the fact that fall is actually my favorite!  

happy fall everybody...what's on your list of must do fall fun?

gorgeous photo by kari herer

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

six foot three...

o and i decided to see one another before the ceremony.  we did a sneak peek and the photos are very cool.  i'll share them soon.  however, i had to share this one of the three of us.  kari asked us to show her our shoes...i love that o's socks and hobbes little legwarmers and his nose are showing.  somehow this just feels like in my almost flat shoes, our silly dog, o's crazy socks, and someone wearing seersucker.

photo by kari herer photography

Monday, September 26, 2011

our ceremony...

photos from the wedding have started rolling in and so far this one is my favorite.  we kept the ceremony simple with an aisle made from stones.  i walked in with my dad to an acoustic versions of the song such great heights by the postal service (played by my friend ryan).  we wrote the ceremony.  we laughed and we teared.  i'd go back and do it everyday of my life if i could.  then we were married!  i also love this photo of us walking out...
i'll share so many more photos over the coming days, but i wanted to share these that are so very special to me today with you first!

photos by the ever talented kari herer photography!

Friday, September 23, 2011

by the sea...

over the past two weeks we've found ourselves on the water, by the water, in the water, and staring at the water.  i can't tell you how nice it was to fall asleep with sound of water lapping at the shore.  the night before our wedding the tides were just right so that the sound from my bed was the know the one we can't quite explain...the sound of round rocks rolling over one another.  that is how i fell asleep...well that and the sound of hobbes chasing a fly around the room.

one of the coolest sounds during our wedding was after the beautiful reading that our dear friend emily read, that i shared yesterday.  we asked everyone to look out across the water for a moment of silence to remember and honor those whose moment has past and those whose lives came before making our lives and this moment possible.  in the middle of that time with only the sound of the wind rustling the leaves above, one large wave broke out in the cove.  a lone and random wave.  the sound was breathtaking...and the timing was unreal.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

remembering how lucky we are to be here right now...

our dear friend emily read a modified excerpt from the book of awesome during our wedding.  it was, and she was, truly awesome!

So let's stop for a second and pull back. Let's pull way, way, way, way back. You used to be a sperm. Now don't get self-conscious. We all used to be sperm. And you were so cute back then too, with your little tail wagging all over the place and your love of swimming. Boy, could you swim. In fact, if you hadn't out swum your siblings, you might be a slightly different version of yourself right now. Maybe you'd have a higher-pitched laugh, hairier arms, or stand two inches shorter. You had a great life as a sperm but always felt incomplete. The truth is you weren't whole until you met an egg. And then you two began a nine-month project to make a cool new version of you. It took awhile but you grew arms, legs, eyeballs, and lungs. You grew nerves and nails and ear-drums and tongues. For a sperm to meet an egg it means your parents met. But it's not just them. Think about how many people had to meet, fall in love, and make love for you to be here. Here's the answer: a lot. Like a lot a lot. 
Before they had you, none of your ancestors drowned in a pond, got strangled by a python, or skied into a tree. None of your ancestors choked on a peach pit, was trampled by buffalo, or got their tie stuck in an assembly line. None of your ancestors was a virgin. You are the most modern, brightest spark of years and years and years of survivors who all had to meet each other in order to eventually make you.
Your nineteenth-century Grandma met your nineteenth-century Grandpa down at the candle-making shoppe. She liked his muttonchops and he thought she looked cute churning butter. Your Ice Age Grandpa crossing the Bering Bridge in a woolly mammoth fur met your Ice Age Grandma dragging a club in the opposite direction. He liked her saber-toothed necklace and she dug his unibrow. 
Your ancient rainforest Grandma was picking berries naked in the bush while your ancient rainforest Grandpa was spearing dodos for dinner. She liked his jungle funk and he liked her cave drawings. If it wasn't for the picnic they had afterward, maybe you wouldn't be here. You're pretty lucky all those people met, fell in love, made love, had babies, and raised them into other people who did it all over again. This happened over and over and over again for you to be here. Look around…right now. You are surrounded by lucky people. They are all the result of long lines of survivors. So you're a survivor too. You're the latest and greatest. You're the top of the line. You're the very best nature has to offer….a lot had to happen for all your strong, fiery ancestors to met each other and fall in love over and over again for hundreds of thousands of years. 
So let's stop for a second and pull back again. Let's pull way, way, way, way back. 
We are the only species on the only life-giving rock capable of love, magic, architecture, agriculture, airplanes, guitar jams at concerts, books, wedding brides, naps, bubble wrap, and the warm air inside a bakery. We’ve got all that. But people, listen up. [If we are lucky] we only get a hundred years to enjoy it. I'm sorry but it's true. Every single person you know will be dead in a hundred years--the foreman at your plant, the cashiers at your grocery store, every teacher you've ever had, anyone you've ever woken up beside, all the kids on your street, every baby you've ever held, every bride who's walked down the aisle, every telemarketer who's called you at dinner, every politician in every country, every actor in every movie, everyone who's cut you off on the highway, everyone [here] right now, everyone you love, and you. You will never be as young as you are right now. Life is so great that we only get a tiny moment to enjoy everything we see. And that moment is counting down. And that moment is always, always fleeting. And that moment is right now. 

we went with something a little different, but that felt very us.  i can barely read it or hear it without crying, but when i get to the end i feel big and small, infinite and like a speck of dirt, a little bit scared and entirely inspired.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


our dear friend mike set up a camera towards the end of our reception that ran through the pizza eating and bonfire.  i've watched it so many times and each time i see something current favorite thing is when my dad's tractor buzzes in...ooh and i love the transition to night time, too!

what's your favorite part?

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

time to reflect...

the three of us explored deer isle and stonington during our honeymoon...we hiked through preserves, ate at lily's cafe, visited nervous nellie's jams and jellies, poked into shops, and build rock sculptures.  after the excitement and energy of the past week, it was just right.

i'm grateful that o and i had the time to just talk about the whole event.  that was something i really loved about our first night as we were falling asleep we'd say good night and then one of us would remember some amazing detail and have to share it.  we'd chat and then say goodnight and then   it would happen again.  can you believe how wonderful our friends are?  can you believe how perfect that crashing wave was?  i loved the music at the bonfire.  did you have the pepperoni pizza?  we just couldn't fall asleep!

i loved it all...from the moment my friends first arrived early in the week to the rainy drive home from our honeymoon.  i can't wait to tell you all about so many things...all the work our dear friends did, the gorgeous venues, our lobster bake, all the little details, our families, the ceremony, our sneak peek before the wedding, all the games, the brick oven pizza, the bonfire, the wonderful speeches, the music, the food, our clothes, the flowers my dad grew, my experience getting ready, and so so so much more.


Monday, September 19, 2011


if you read one morning in maine as a child then you'll get it when i tell you that o and i honeymooned where sal, jane, and their dad go to get their motor fixed and some ice cream.  if you never read the book (you should), o and i rented an island nestled in buck's harbor (near deer isle and blue hill) that came with a little boston whaler, a small rustic cottage, and 25 acres to explore.  here is an aerial view...
for four days we (along with hobbes) had our own little private heart-shaped was amazing! we had perfect weather...sunny days and cool nights.  we spent a good portion of our time right here on the deck looking out, reading, napping, eating, and talking...
during our time on harbor island we tried to make sense of our wedding...i still feel like i could (and sometimes do) burst into happy/grateful/overwhelmed with love tears when i think about it.  it will be a little while before we get the photos, but i'll share what i have and continue to share as things come in.

i will tell you that the lead-up and the weekend were way beyond what i ever imagined they would be...we were surrounded by a small group of family and friends, in the most beautiful setting, with the kind of weather you can only dream about, listening to great music, playing yard games, and eating delicious food...and we got married!

Friday, September 2, 2011


i'm going to take some time from the blog to work on our house, prepare for our wedding, get married (!), and then sneak away for a few days.  i'll be back not next week, but at some point during the following week with tons and tons of pictures to share.  i'msoexcitedijustwanttosquealallthetime!

photo credit

Thursday, September 1, 2011

just days...

i'm trying to tie up loose ends at work because in just days i finish work for two weeks.  i have a few days at home to get things ready, do some house work, and run errands.  then i head up the coast to begin wedding preparations.  and then we get to celebrate with a small group of family and friends.  oh and then we are going to go away for a few days.  this morning i find myself thinking about utensils, which is  a bit odd.  i am so excited to have two super creative friends joining me for the first part of the week to help turn all the images i love and ideas i have into reality...a simple and meaningful reality!

photo credit
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