Tuesday, August 30, 2011

water's edge and ridiculous emails...

i would love to have a week at this awesome beach house, but glad it wasn't during the recent storm.  we spent the stormy weekend looking at a car (fingers crossed that all goes through with this one), taking hobbes to the beach during the rain, taking hot showers to try to warm back up, finishing our vows, eating lots of pretzels and cheese with friends, and laughing when we walked along the beach and o got an email from the guy we met who was selling his car that said "dear o, it was nice to meet you and your daughter today.  attached is the carfax report"...yup.  he. thought. o. was. my. dad.

i spent a good part of the weekend assuring o that he doesn't look old...and laughing hysterically.

tell me a funny story from your weekend!

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  1. Not about my weekend, but to make O feel a little better... I have now TWICE been referred to as Ryan's mom. Yup. TWICE by different people.

    And, we once had a door-to-door salesman come to our house and ask Ryan if his mom or dad were home. He just replied with "no", and then they sheepishly asked, "are you the head of the household?"

    see you SOON!!!

  2. Jill!! That is hilarious!! Wow. Tell O he doesn't look like your dad, that is so weird! I wanted to say again how wonderful it was to see the two of you this past weekend. Your wedding sounds like it will be amazing. All the best!

  3. Get out! You have to be kidding! That is hysterical! And no, O, you DO NOT look old! Quite the opposite actually! Happy Tuesday to all!


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