Wednesday, August 31, 2011

scratch and sniff...

can you smell the ocean goodness when looking at this photo?  if not, just come smell our house, my car, and likely my clothes.  hobbes had a great low tide run with two boxer friends the other night.  nothing says fun like mud flats, seaweed, and three dogs.  the sounds of them running across the flats was incredible and they made their way back mud and totally wiped out.  hobbes was like a seal rolling and sliding around on the seaweed.  he also found it quite delicious.

anyways, i'm grateful we live near a place that is this much fun for a dog...and grateful for our washing machine!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

water's edge and ridiculous emails...

i would love to have a week at this awesome beach house, but glad it wasn't during the recent storm.  we spent the stormy weekend looking at a car (fingers crossed that all goes through with this one), taking hobbes to the beach during the rain, taking hot showers to try to warm back up, finishing our vows, eating lots of pretzels and cheese with friends, and laughing when we walked along the beach and o got an email from the guy we met who was selling his car that said "dear o, it was nice to meet you and your daughter today.  attached is the carfax report"...yup.  he. thought. o. was. my. dad.

i spent a good part of the weekend assuring o that he doesn't look old...and laughing hysterically.

tell me a funny story from your weekend!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

summer friday...

today is my last summer friday and today i am going to...

walk hobbes, weed the garden, eat berries (or maybe an ice cream), zip into town to run some errands, try on my wedding dress which has been altered, clean house, check a few more things off the wedding list, and take hobbes in for his yearly shots.

a year ago this weekend we picked up seems like a long time ago, especially considering how much he's changed!  read about his first days home here and here.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

farmers' market fare...

this week felt like the first week that i really worked the farmers' market.  in past weeks i've browsed and scooped up some tomatoes or some berries.  not this week...i went for it.  green beans, peaches, blackberries, tomatoes, and corn.

as i put our dinner on the table, i had to put the peaches and blackberries with fresh whipped cream out at the same time.  it was just too pretty not to!

confession:  i even gave hobbes a little taste of peach with the teeeeensiest bit of whipped cream on top.

crazy dog lady over and out!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

banoffee pie...

last night i talked to my dear friend abby on the phone.  she's in my time zone...until after our wedding!  chatting on the phone got me so excited to see the green family.  i can't wait to meet her little guy, ezra!  i also can't wait to catch up, do crafts, listen to ryan's music...oh and make a banoffee pie.

banana + graham cracker crust + condensed milk boiled until it makes toffee + whipped cream + chocolate shavings = banoffee pie.
abby, you ready?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

i could have used this...

o and i spent part of sunday working on our wedding ceremony and crafting our vows.  the whole thing made me so emotional...i kept trying to read passages or quote and i'd start crying.  the mix of the words, the thought of saying these things in front of a small number of family and friends, and the sheer magnitude of a wedding...let's just say i could have used this box of tissues.  isn't that just the makes being sad, or so happy you cry, or having a cold seem a little bit better!

in the end, i love love love what we've come up with and the reading that we found.  all worth all the salty tears of love and excitement.

our wedding is so flippin' soon!

p.s. i can't wait to show you my dress.  a certain someone reads my blog each day (hi o!), so i'll have to show you after the wedding.  i'll just tell you the past week i (along with helpful friends) cut off hundreds and hundreds of sequins...and now it's perfect. eeeeeee!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

balls of yarn...

this weekend i tried my hand at making these decorations and went a little something like this.

i got my supplies ready, i made five balls in shades of white, cream, and tan.  i let them dry.  i woke up to one that shrunk in the night.  i tried to pop the balloon of another and this happened...
and i managed to get two that looked weak, but sort of like what i was going for...
needless to say it wasn't quite the success i was hoping for.  darn.  hey, but look how great the new cabinets look in the background. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

rock art...

someone built this on little john this weekend and we came across it on a walk.  i had to take a picture for a few reasons...this reminds me of the beach at pemaquid, i want to build sculptures like these around the area where we get married, and i want to put some rock sculptures around our house.  this weekend i cut back a lilac bush and pulled out a gross garden...i'm envisioning some rock art just like this to fill the space!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

rescued from the swap shop...

look what i scooped up from the swap shop at the transfer station this week! i got this cool old red box.  i have big plans for this girl...stay tuned!

i am my father's daughter.  i am aware this is how you end up with a garage full of odd things...odd things that you love.

have you received, rescued, found any free treasures lately?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

coming over the bridge...

i love coming over the bridge each night on my way home...the smooth water, the colors, the guys fishing, and the feeling that it. is. summer.

fingers crossed this summer feeling lasts through september!

Monday, August 15, 2011


i gave the cucumbers alot of real estate in my little garden and i had high hopes.  the good news is that the cukes are producing in a big way!  i'm getting the sense that this year i'm that kind of gardener...watering when i remember, weeding very occasionally, forgetting to deadhead, but trying to grab that which has survived to add to our meals.

i've been slacking when it comes to going to the farmers market, too.  i've been some, but not as much as i want to...and i don't want to let it pass by only to wake up to a foot of snow wishing.  in my defense the falmouth farmers market is in the parking lot of walmart...and that doesn't have a lot of draw.

what's popping in your garden?

Thursday, August 11, 2011


i'm dreaming of being here today.  i'm also dreaming that when our deck is finished it will have this same soothing beautiful feeling.

today is my i'm going to take tomorrow off from the blog.  my mom and i are spending the day together.  i'm eager to get some things checked off the list. things have been busy...mostly good, but still really busy!

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

one month...

having a super small wedding means being able to add in lots of details.  i am excited about the band from the farmers market, the mobile brick oven pizza lady coming on saturday night, marrying o, the simple seating my dad is making for the ceremony, the officiant, the location, and these wonderful drinking vessels.  icy cold beverages + maine + mason jar = love!  giddy...giddy i tell ya!

in one month we'll be hitched!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


on saturday night o and i went for a walk by the ocean.  we walked out on the pier near my parents' house just as the sky grew dark.  once we were on the float i saw some sparkling specks as the water lapped the edge.  i put my hand in the water and sure enough there was phosphorescence...little glowing algae in the ocean.

it reminded me of this andrew wyeth painting called night hauling...

phosphorescence feels like magic...and like little swimming fireflies!

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Monday, August 8, 2011

wedding planning session...

love was ...
this weekend we went home to rockport to do some wedding planning.  it was a little overwhelming, but mostly really good.  our wedding is just a month exciting.  i'm grateful to have o as a planning partner...we are both wanting simple, which is great!  i'm off to work on our checklist...even going simple there is a lot to think about!  

9.10.11 we'll be ready for you!

Friday, August 5, 2011


this image somehow just resonates with me today.  i look at this and feel a resounding yup...yup, that is what it feels like right now, yup things are turning and changing, and yup as things morph in various directions they create a beautiful pattern that works for me!

as our renovation, the celebration and wedding ceremony, future plans, and even plans for this weekend take shape...if i had to explain how it looks in my head it looks just like the image above.

happy weekend.

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

yarn balloons...

i'm about to tackle making a bunch of these to hang at our wedding.  yarn, a balloon, and some glue.  simple and so pretty!

oooh but what colors should i do?
photo credit

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the crew...

construction is underway, as evidenced by the photo above.  the crew from spring island has been incredible.  that's ben on the saw, lefty on the staging, and sherry on the roof.  the crew includes the folks above and a few four-legged friends...

mr. hobbes...

silas, the elder foreman...

and mack, a small jack russell who is the boss of hobbes...

now when i leave for work, it's not just leaving one's leaving three dogs!  they've been a fun part of the renovation.  stay tuned for more house photos.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


we did a quick trip to rhode island on friday and saturday.  we got to see all the places in all of o's dad's old funny stories (you know the one where he comes up over the sand dune on his horse "like lawrence of arabia"?), we walked east matunuck beach, stayed at a b&b with more pink towels than one has over seen, and spent the day at indian lake.  i even got o and his brother to play car games with me on the ride home...victory!

on our walk along the beach we saw this sand castle do it's best to fight off the incoming tide!
it made me want to grab a shovel and a pail and start also reminded me of the great sand castles we used to make as kids with driftwood flagpoles and shells for windows.

Monday, August 1, 2011

postal service...

one of the greatest things about taking last friday off from work, aside not being at work...spending the day with my guys...and eating bagels from rosemont, was that i finally got to the post office to mail gifts to people, return some items, and send some letters.  it was about time, wouldn't you say?
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