Thursday, July 28, 2011


Constellation Cassiopeia & Andromeda Galaxy, Imaged from Mount Revelstoke National Park, BC
construction is underway in our white a big way.  the crew is incredible, hard working, and get so much done each workday...i'm beyond impressed.  it's exciting to come home from work each day and see what they've done.  last night o and i arrived home at around ten.  i pulled into the driveway and stood in the driveway looking up at the stars...they were incredible last night.  anyways, i went inside and found o standing in the middle of the white room also stargazing.  a huge chunk of the roof was cut off/open to make room for the dormer.  i loved standing in the white room and also being outside.  hobbes was so i outside?  or am i inside?  did you see stars in your part of the world last night?

more construction photos soon.

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