Friday, July 29, 2011


Rosemary in a jar
yesterday i said farewell to a friend that is moving to denmark.  her apartment was all packed up, but she set aside a few things for me to go through.  i took some things because i loved them and some because they'd help me remind me of i have my lauren shirt, my lauren scarf, and some lauren wrapping paper.

before i left she gave me a beautiful potted rosemary plant as a symbol of remembrance.  so as i walk past my plant i'll think about her great sense of style, how her eyes squint when she smiles, her invention of the high five, the way she so effortlessly created a community, and her sense of adventure.

lc, we miss you already...and i can't wait to visit!

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  1. sweet post. i read some to miss lauren today (she topped by and gave me some sewing stuff)...she appreciated it and it was so spot on...esp the fact she makes community wherever she is. :) well done jill.


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