Tuesday, July 19, 2011

morning chores...

while on vacation last week, i spent each morning doing some work around the outside of our house...and i really really loved it.  i loved getting up early, taking hobbes for a walk, and then getting some chores done before it became super hot outside.

on wednesday and thursday i ripped the shingles off the back of our house in preparation for our renovation.  on thursday i cleared some weeds and moved hobbes' dog house across the lawn to a cooler location.  by friday i was ready for something big.  i did a little painting and then i went for it.  remember how yesterday i told you to take note of the tree in the photos i posted?  well i took it down with just a pair of loppers and a saw.  crazy dog lady becomes, well...hmmm...maybe just crazy!

i hauled it off into the woods and then had to saw the trunk down, which was the hardest part...
oh i loved all the time i had to think while doing these chores...and there is nothing like taking a cool shower when you are super filthy and covered with dirt after some hard work.

(side note: it feels strange to title this post morning chores, because 'do your chores' is the command we tell hobbes when we want him to go pee outside!)

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  1. Can't wait to see your loppers....what are loppers? xxx Jess


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