Friday, July 1, 2011

july 3, 2010...

happy friday friends.  can you believe it's 4th of july long weekend time already!?!  this is an exciting time of year...and we have lots to celebrate.  aside from big things like independence, we have two small (but sort of big) things to light some sparklers for on july 3rd.

on sunday we'll celebrate hobbes first birthday.  he went from weighing just 15 ounces to over 65 lbs. in just a year.  way to go hobbes.  we're thinking that a day spent jumping off the dock in new harbor and playing by the ocean will be just the party he deserves.  oh and maybe a stop at dunkin donuts for a munchkin, too.

a year ago this weekend i lost my entire fingernail on my right middle finger by slamming it in a door.  gag.  wretch.  click here if you need a refresher.  so the second things i'm celebrating is that over the past year it's been slow going, but my very damaged nail bed (with a little help from surgeon dr. flaherty) grew a nail.

here's to growth!  love you hobbes and love you fingernail!


  1. yay! new fingernail! hobbes! and holy crap, is he not the cutest little puppy! isn't it amazing how fast they grow?

  2. Cute photo of Hobbes-y! Happy birthday to him and horray for a new finger nail! Time flies...


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