Wednesday, July 20, 2011

a book of questions...

in my craft room, which i've decided to call the workshop, i have a box labeled 'random stuff to keep' and inside is...a bunch of super random stuff that i have to keep.

on thursday i pulled out a bunch of items from the box, took an unused journal, and got creative.

i've made a few of these journals before for friends.  i write and draw on the pages and then write a question or ask them to finish a statement...or sometimes have them do a task.  at the end i ask them to send it back to me. i  have so much fun making these...and even more fun reading them when they are filled out.

it's amazing what i've learned about my friends when i get to read these journals...also the way in which they fill them out always seems to fit their personality.

the one i made on thursday will travel to a far away land...and will hopefully find it's way back to me.

so i'll leave you with a question to answer...if you could invent a triathlon of any kind what would the three events be (in order).

1 comment:

  1. Gravitron, spinning hot dog in the woods, funnel cake eating.


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