Wednesday, June 22, 2011

they say you have to ask...

dear universe,
it is time for me to buy a car.  i haven't done this in a while...actually never on my own.  this feels overwhelming.  how do i make sure i don't get ripped off or end up with a car that looks nice but is really a piece of crap?  we just want a nice, but used, subaru outback.

universe i know what you are thinking...a subaru?  in maine?  just like every third car on the road?  yes it's true...we want something reliable, safe in the winter, and with a place to put hobbes.  any color (i'm pretty sure i mean this) will be great.  

in advance thank you for send a kind person selling a gently used subaru outback at a fair and reasonable price in our direction.

driver of a lovely (but aging and in declining health) 1996 honda civic

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  1. 96' Honda civic? That's cool. I really think that before you buy any used car, it is important to check throughly. The engine, exterior, etc. Check the hoses and belts under the hood. Bring someone who is expert in car just in case.


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