Tuesday, June 14, 2011

summer list...

i've been thinking about my summer to do list lately and here are just a few of the things i want to be able to check off by the end of september...

  • marry my booooooyfriend
  • go strawberry and raspberry picking
  • make jam or jelly
  • swim in the ocean
  • find a tick free field to lay in and constellate (you know...stargaze)
  • take hobbes swimming often
  • share my flowers with friends and co-workers
  • eat tomatoes and cukes from the garden 
  • have enough change in my wallet to get an ice cream from the ice cream truck when it drives by
  • play basketball in the driveway at dusk with o
  • hit up the farmers market every week
  • teach hobbes some new tricks
  • paint our upstairs bedrooms
  • cross the finish line of the beach to beacon with my guy (we generally have erratic pacing issues...and by we i mean me)
  • eat dinner outside
  • read at least three books
  • have some good laugh attacks
  • not shut my finger in a heavy door
  • fruit and veggie smoothie up my mornings
  • try to be less cranky in the heat (this may be a challenge in "her majesty" my 1996 honda civic with windows that don't roll down)
  • wear lots of skirts and flip floppers
  • have a dance party
  • and have picnic lunches with friends
what about you? what is on the list for this summer?

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