Wednesday, June 15, 2011

it's wasn't pretty...

so friends, you've heard we are getting married...and we are really excited!  i've started looking for dresses.  i'm hoping for shorter than the average wedding dress, casual, and beautiful...this is no simple task.  somehow the options seem to be either really long, or really really short, or too poofy.  i'm remain hopeful and i've got ladies on the hunt for me!

anyways, i popped into a local dress store yesterday to see what they had.  the sales clerk convinced me that i might like long dresses and that i should try.  maybe she was right?  or maybe i should have bolted at that point.

i knew it was time to go when i got stuck in one of the dresses.  i nearly ripped the dress as i broke into a full sweat as i tried to wrestle my way out of it, while the woman stood outside listening to me grunt. she offered to help, but i couldn't let her see me or her precious dress in such a state...and then there came a time when i had no choice but to let her in.

it's official...i remain a short dress girl.

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  1. holy cow, that was funny. are you okay? did you survive the long dress debacle of 2011? ;) i have faith the perfect dress will come to you. probably in the most unlikely way...

  2. Oooh, wedding dress shopping! How fun (and stressful)! You might look at JCrew. They have expanded their wedding collection quite a bit over the past year and even have a few stores where you can try on the different styles. One is in Boston... just sayin;)


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