Friday, June 10, 2011

friends and a big yardsale...

this weekend two of my dearest friends are coming for a visit.  applause!  applause!  we plant to talk lots, take long walks with hobbes, eat yummy food, and do a cool project.  in super exciting news...tobi and i are going to hit maine's biggest yard sale tomorrow morning.  i'll be scooping up old jars, funky old table cloths (christina does that make you want to gag?), and hopefully a few other cool items i can rework into our wedding. we're going for a simple, snappy casual, picnic meets farmer's market feel.  so watch out fellow yardsalers...i'm on the hunt!

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  1. Yay! I love yard sales. I just wish I wasn't flying home so I could actually buy stuff!

    See you tonight!


  2. Yay...have so much fun! Old bed sheets can be cut and sewn to make some cool vintage-y table cloths too!

  3. maybe a little :) but it sounds so fun!! enjoy your day and good luck!! xoxo


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