Tuesday, May 10, 2011

help from hobbes...

confused by the photo above?  what the heck is that?  that's right...it's my dog's backside and the overgrown area behind my garden.

hobbes likes to dig.  this is just something airedales do.  i spent the better part of sunday morning clearing out the area behind my garden, which was covered with brush, weeds, and bushes.  at first i was by myself, sweating, tugging, and digging.  there is something really satisfying about pulling out long and interconnected roots, but it was really hard work.

anyways...we let hobbes out and he came right over to help.  i pointed at a particularly stubborn knob of roots.  he got to work.  he tugged and then started digging...and voila.  he got a root out of the ground that i'd been working on for about ten minutes.  he obeyed the drop command and i pointed to the next root.

it was awesome and we got so much done.  he loved helping and was so proud.  (note: if/when he digs up my entire garden, please remind me of just how incredible i found his digging!)

below is the work we accomplished...
and then little hobbes had a dirty brown nose the rest of the day...

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