Saturday, May 28, 2011

oh canada...

Vancouver Reflections
tomorrow morning i depart for vancouver for a work trip and since i have no idea what the week will be like i'll try my best to post.  anyways...o and i tried to squeeze a whole long weekend into one day and we did pretty well.  a drive up the coast, lots of thinking, a fun date, and time with hobbes.  i'll miss my guys this week while i'm away in the land o' alex trebek.

any vancouver must see places?  send them my way!

Friday, May 27, 2011

swimming lessons...

 two days ago i took hobbes to the beach for a little dip after a particularly muddy incident.  when we got to the beach the two girls from this blog post were sitting on the rocks.  when they saw us they screamed for hobbes and tried to lure him into the water.  he would only wade in up to the top of his legs.  they tried and tried to make him swim, but with no success.

yesterday we went to little john. i threw a big stick far into the water to see what the beast would do.  first he just looked...
and then he went for it...
that's right friends...hobbes swam for the first time yesterday.  and just like his mom, he made sure not to get his bangs wet.  watch out cousin kili...swimming in back cove is on!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

this morning...

Seedlings Gardening Tomato
i got up really early and dug in the garden.  i planted nearly all of the flowers, veggies, and herbs i bought at the market yesterday.  this year i'm trying cucumbers, pumpkins, brussels sprouts, and peas.  in the past i was in containers, so i was a little more limited.  i've got flowers in the ground and perennial gardens that are popping...and a nosey dog that likes to dig!  we're filthy, but we had fun.

what a way to start the day!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

so this is what i'll do with my yarn...

united colors of wood & wool stool
i've made very little progress on my sweater/shawl since my trip to colorado.  it may take me a while to finish!  in the meantime, i think this is a lovely and gorgeous way to store yarn and decorate a space. 

i love love love the top two shelves...aren't the colors just perfect? lately yellow, khaki, grey, and shades of white have been catching my eye, oh but blues and greens sit deep in my heart.  what about you?  is there a color that just feels like you?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

this is all i keep thinking about...

lemonade, summer, ball jars, and celebrating.  this image just keeps coming back to me!  i trust that summer is on the way, even though it is another overcast day.  i'm imagining all the lemonade-y possibilities...minty lemonade, half lemonade with half iced team, fizzy lemonade with rosemary and honey, ooh and lemonade sweetened with maple syrup.

i anticipate buying a bulk order of ball jars this summer.  let me know if you see any deals out there!

photo credit

Monday, May 23, 2011

32,850 days young...

yesterday i drove to western massachusetts to celebrate my grandmother's ninetieth was amazing to see just how many people can trace their roots back to this one amazing lady!

i loved the stories, all the people who came to celebrate, the old photos, the great-grandchildren helping to blow out the ninety candles, and just how beautiful my grandmother looked.  my favorite thing was the table with all the cards...complete with ninety heart-shaped rocks.

happy birthday can only dream of arriving at ninety with such a strong body, quick mind, and kind spirit!  i love knowing that you read my blog each day.

Friday, May 20, 2011

today i need...

Bottles by JohnnyMiller

just a little bit of sunshine.  things have gotten a little too rainy and sad.  happy (hopefully) sunny weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

an ocean walk...

hobbes is pretty much back, so i took him to little john island for a good walk earlier this week.  the tide was low, so we walked the perimeter of the beach and even went for a chilly dip...
 we took in the scenery...
 and then i brought him to the spot where o popped the question...
i love that o proposed in a place that is part of our if little john island wasn't great enough already!

thanks for all the positive thoughts sent our way when hobbes was under the weather.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

this will brighten your day...

adorable baby + sunglasses + bad ass expression = new favorite photo

do you remember the photo i'm determined to make the cover to my first novel?  well...the photo is above is going to be the cover to the sequel.  my friend christina just keeps getting better and better at documenting her sweet daughter's life.

amelia had her mom send this iphone photo between modeling sessions with a sign she whipped up when she heard our exciting news...
maybe another great photo will inspire a trilogy!

photo credit: christina wnek

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

under the weather...

mr. hobbes is under the weather with lyme disease and an unrelated ruptured salivary gland.  yuck.  we woke up on friday to one sick puppy and quickly rushed him to the vet.  his droopy eyes, need to be cuddled, stiff walk, and's was all too much.

if you know hobbes, you know he eats his food at record speeds.  these past few days he just looked at the bowl and had no interest. sadness.  last night he turned a corner.  we went on our first walk in days last night (more on that tomorrow) and gobbled up his food.

please send saliva-filled and tick-free thoughts our way.

Monday, May 16, 2011

guess what?

we're engaged!

we don't know when, where, who, or any of that business yet.  we're just shouting out fun ideas, laughing a bunch, threatening to cut our parents from the list if they get too crazy...and i keep staring at the awesome ring that o got for me.  it's a stone from the coast of maine...gray with white lines/stripes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

sensory overload...

christina and i arrived home late last night from two full days at brimfield antique show.  it was incredible...the people watching, the number of vendors, the amount of things, being with christina for two days, having a home base with my aunt and uncle, actually finding the few things i hoped to find, and scoring a few deals.

it was a combination of continuous excitement, walking for eight hours, and my eyes darting from treasure to treasure.  it was thrilling and exhausting.

oh but i wouldn't change a thing!


thanks for the caribou antler, nikki!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

help from hobbes...

confused by the photo above?  what the heck is that?  that's's my dog's backside and the overgrown area behind my garden.

hobbes likes to dig.  this is just something airedales do.  i spent the better part of sunday morning clearing out the area behind my garden, which was covered with brush, weeds, and bushes.  at first i was by myself, sweating, tugging, and digging.  there is something really satisfying about pulling out long and interconnected roots, but it was really hard work.

anyways...we let hobbes out and he came right over to help.  i pointed at a particularly stubborn knob of roots.  he got to work.  he tugged and then started digging...and voila.  he got a root out of the ground that i'd been working on for about ten minutes.  he obeyed the drop command and i pointed to the next root.

it was awesome and we got so much done.  he loved helping and was so proud.  (note: if/when he digs up my entire garden, please remind me of just how incredible i found his digging!)

below is the work we accomplished...
and then little hobbes had a dirty brown nose the rest of the day...

Monday, May 9, 2011


christina and i leave tonight for two full days at the brimfield antique show.  excited is an understatement...a long car ride to catch up (we always leave with about seventeen half told stories and a dozen more untold), getting to see my aunt and uncle, cruising around the fields of brimfield on tuesday, squealing with delight, doing it all again the next day, hopefully picking up some small things, and a long car-ride home to debrief.

did i mention these will baby-free days for christina?

i can't wait to share our adventures, finds, and stories!

Friday, May 6, 2011

this weekend i am hoping to...

be outside, paint the insides of our cabinets, get through my to do list, pack for my trip next week (more details on monday), work on some training with mr. hobbes, get some answers to lingering questions, think about goals as i head into year 31, dig in the garden, get juicing and blending, and take some pictures.  i'm ready for the a big way.

what about you?

photo credit

Thursday, May 5, 2011

it's cinco de mayo...

and this beach babe is loco.  look closely at the sandy beard...
oh hobbesiepants....why do we even let you in our house?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

lily of the valley...

Lily of the Valley
i can't forget to take a walk around mackworth island sometime in may.  they have the biggest patch of lily of the valley, which i just love!   sometimes i sneak just one stem...shhh don't tell...and sniff it all the rest of the way around the island.

i don't know where else they are around here. i'd love to plant a bunch at our house, so i could make little bouquets.  i'm going to add it to the wish list!

photo credit

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

around the house...

a few quick pictures of some of the blooms and buds growing around our house.  i can't wait to open the kitchen and hallway windows and smell lilacs...
our forsythia popped on friday.  this photo has a special something for my brother.  e, do you see what it is?   
i tried to get in the garden this weekend and well it was challenging with hobbes around.  i think this year's garden will be a practice in patience, replanting, and not getting too attached to things.  oh...which reminds me...we signed hobbes up for obedience class!

Monday, May 2, 2011

the circle of tennis balls...

on saturday hobbes and i went to sandy point.  we brought along our chuckit and a tennis ball.  hobbes is starting to venture into the water.  brrrr.  there has been lots of jumping around, splashing, tentative steps, the occasional face under water, and sadly watching tennis balls float away in to water that is too deep.

we left the ball bobbing in the water for some other dog on the next tide.  and sure enough on our walk on sunday to little john island, we found a tennis ball.  there was chasing, jumping, dropping, slobbering...and then we left it by the road for another four legged friend.

it's the circle of tennis balls!
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